YOU WERE HERE - ONE YEAR AT DEATH BY AUDIO - is an experimental documentary. 

It's a noisy, dirty beautiful portrait of one year at the Brooklyn DIY venue Death By Audio. Shot entirely from November 2007 - November 2008, it takes you behind the scenes, through the labyrinth of rooms, into the live shows and lets you feel what it was like to be there during that formative year.

It’s a genuine document, an honest glimpse into a slice of time that will never happen again.

Runtime 87 minutes.


“Awesome on so many levels ★★★★”

Rob Erickson, former resident, Death by Audio

“Brilliantly made. I’ve been thinking about it all day”

Chris Egan, drummer, Neckbeard Telecaster, Blood Orange, Adam Green


Doug Marvin, musician, Dirty on Purpose, Drawing Boards

“The dingiest place possible”

Professional film critic





There's Another Death By Audio Doc, and it wants you to 'Feel Drunk and Disoriented'

Read it here: goo.gl/dEJ8wF



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